L&M CURE R-2 ™

Water-Based, Dissipating Resin Curing Compound

Product Description

L&M CURE R is a VOC-compliant ready-to-use, dissipating resin membrane curing agent that cures freshly placed concrete, forming an effective barrier against moisture loss from concrete surfaces. This sprayable liquid maintains efficient water retention performance to comply with ASTM, AASHTO and most State DOT requirements. L&M CURE R dries to a clear amber colored resin membrane curing compound. L&M CURE R-2 is an opaque, white-pigmented membrane and is recommended for exterior pavements.

L&M CURE R is designed to provide excellent early curing properties and then, after 90 or more days, begins to naturally deteriorate upon regular exposure to sunlight and abrasion. Only after complete removal is the concrete surface suitable for subsequent applications of cementitious toppings, floor tiles, coatings, chemical hardeners, water repellents or sealers

Basic Use: L&M CURE R is an effective cure for normal concrete, shake-on hardeners, and new concrete toppings in commercial and industrial projects. L&M CURE R-2 is for use where direct sunlight reflectance is required, such as state highways, city and county roads and sidewalks, bridge decks, dams, airport runways and institutional projects.

Features and Benefits

  • Water-borne - VOCcompliant.
  • Low odor.
  • Fast drying.

Short Spec:

033000: Disipating resin-based curing compound shall conform to ASTM C 309, Type 1, Class B and local air quality regulations. Cure shall begin to chemically break down when exposed to sunlight and abrasion. L&M Cure R as manufactured by L&M Construction Chemicals, Inc.

May 2, 2008