High Performance, Calcium Aluminate Cement-Based, Self-Leveling Underlayment

Product Description

LEVELEX is a ready-mixed, high performance, fiber reinforced, self-leveling floor underlayment. LEVELEX was developed to resurface and level indoor surfaces prior to installation of subsequent toppings.

LEVELEX, in one operation, develops high bondability, rapid strength and level floors. This calcium aluminate cement based, fiber-reinforced, flowable material may be placed in various thicknesses, from feather edge to 5 inches deep with aggregate extension.

Basic Use: LEVELEX is a precision formulated cementitious, self-leveling material that flows and seeks its own level to form an extremely smooth and flat underlayment surface. Use LEVELEX for renovating existing commercial and residential structures to correct irregularities in uneven structural floors. Recommended for interior use.

Features and Benefits

  • Low in place cost.
  • Rapid early strength gain.
  • Contains no gypsum.
  • Long working time.
  • Fluid, easy to place consistency.
  • Application from 1/8 to 2 (3-50 mm), neat and can be feather-edged to adjoining elevations.
  • Compatible with most tile and carpet adhesives.

November 12, 2013