Lithium Silicate Concrete Densifier and Hardener with Water Saver Technology

Product Description

LiON HARD® is a VOC-free, environmentally friendly lithium silicate concrete floor densifier and hardener. This product penetrates bare concrete surfaces and transforms them into a permanently dust free floor with a prideful gloss that gets better with age.

There’s no scrubbing, no washing, and L&M’s Water Saver Technology makes LION HARD environmentally friendly and easy to apply. This product may be applied to new and existing, cured concrete as a chemical hardener, dustproofer and densifier to improve surface durability and appearance. LION HARD is also very effective on polished concrete surfaces to harden, densify and protect their attractive and durable finish.

Basic Use: LION HARD provides long lasting dustproof performance on high traffic concrete floors in CHPS schools projects, projects seeking LEED certification, and other projects, including retail offices, grocery stores, shopping malls, civic centers, sports arenas, stadiums and other commercial buildings. It is also appropriate for factories and warehouses, pharmaceutical plants, textile mills, automotive, truck and bus terminals, and laundries, as well as, in food processing plants such as meat packing plants, canning factories, breweries, and bakeries.

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Features and Benefits

  • Densifies and dustproofs bare concrete floors.
  • Water Saving Technology. No scrubbing, no flushing residue with water
  • Reacts instantly upon contact with floor surface.
  • Produces surface gloss which improves with age.
  • Will not absorb water or contribute to floor sweating.
  • High traction, non-slip for safe floors.
  • Effective on both new and old floors.
  • UVstable. Will not yellow, flake or discolor.
  • VOC Compliant. Non-Flammable, Odorless.
  • Easy to maintain, no waxing necessary.
  • Resistant to surface whitening.

Short Spec:

033000, 033543, 096000: Concrete densifier and hardener. All exposed concrete surfaces to be treated. “LION HARD” by L&M Construction Chemicals, Inc. See complete guide spec

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April 7, 2011