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Non-Shrink Structural Grout

Specifier Notes: This Section contains non-shrink structural grouts. There are generally three types of grouting requirements that this section could address:

  1. Normal construction, column base plate and anchor bold grouting.
  2. Equipment and heavy loading grouting
  3. Very heavy equipment and chemical resistance grouting
The first two conditions are addressed by this guide spec, and the products listed are all cement based non-shrink grouts. The third condition requires the use of an epoxy based grout and will not be address by this specification. For assistance with epoxy grouts please contact Laticrete International, Inc.


1.01 Summary of work

A. This section specifies non-shrink, high precision, extended flow, cement based grouting material.

1.02 References:

A. American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM)
a. C-1090 Test Method for Measuring Changes in Height of Cylindrical Specimens from Hydraulic Cement Grout
b. C-1107 Standard Specification for Packaged Hydraulic-Cement Grout
B. Corps of Engineers
a. CRD C 621 Standard Specification for Packaged Hydraulic-Cement Grout

1.03 Quality Control

A. System Performance Requirements
a. 1. Passes ASTM C 1107, Grade B or Grade C, when tested at temperature placement minimums and maximums of 45 to 100 ° F.
b. Grout shall be tested at maximum water (fluid consistency) allowed by the manufacturer and remain fluid at temperature range minimums and maximums for 60 minutes after slight agitation.
c. Minimum 28 day compressive strength at the above fluid consistency shall be 9,000 psi.
d. Bleed water appearing on the top of the grout surface after one hour at temperature minimum and maximums: No collectable water.

1.04 Delivery, Storage, and Handling

A. Deliver Materials to project in Manufacturer's original, unopened packaging, with labels clearly identifying product name, Manufacturer, and expiration date.
B. Store grout in a cool, dry place, out of the sun.

1.05 Project Conditions:

A. Follow Manufacturer's instructions. Refer to ACI 305 "Hot Weather Concreting" and ACI 306 " Cold Weather Concreting".


2.01 Manufacturer:

A. Laticrete International, Inc. 1 LATICRETE Park North, Bethany, CT 06524, 800-362-3331 or

2.02 Materials

Specifier Notes: Refer to Laticrete International, Inc. product data sheets or contact an L&M representative to determine the appropriate non-shrink grout to be specified. The following are offered as a general guide. Edit this list of grouts to include only those products and conditions included in the work.

A. Column Base plate grouting: DURAGROUT, non-shrink, non-metallic, cement based grout.
B. Equipment and large column grouting: CRYSTEX, stable flow, high strength, cement based precision non-shrink grout.
C. Equipment and large column grouting: PREMIER, "Quick Trim", high strength, cement based, precision non-shrink grout.


3.01 Examination

A. Verify by examination that all concrete substrate and plate surfaces are acceptable for grout.

3.02 Preparation

A. Mechanically remove all unsound concrete to the limits indicated on the drawings. Remove cement paste and laitance to expose sound aggregate.
B. Clean surfaces of dirt, dust and debris. Clean rust from base plates and other metal surfaces to be grouted to obtain satisfactory adhesion.
C. Maintain substrate in a saturated condition for 24 hours prior to grouting. Surface should be saturated, surface dry (SSD) at time of grout installation.
D. Formwork to be liquid tight, and per Manufacturer's recommendations.

3.03 Mixing

A. Comply with Manufacturer's recommendations for mixing procedures.

3.04 Installation

A. Place grout mixture into prepared areas from one side to the other, rapidly and continuously, to reduce air entrapment. Avoid placing grout from opposite sides.
B. Protect foundation and baseplate from excessive heat, cold or wind.
C. Cut back or form exposed shoulders when grout reaches initial set.

3.05 Curing

A. Wet cure exposed shoulders for 72 hours, followed by one coat of membrane curing compound.

3.06 Clean Up

A. Clean site of unused grout, waste, debris, and effluent in accordance with environmental regulations.

End of Section: 03 60 00