L&M Restore

Quick Setting Two-Component Concrete Patch And Crack Repair

Product Description

L&M Restore is a fast setting, low odor, two-component advanced polymer resin designed for patching and repair of concrete. Restore's very thin consistency and high bonding properties allow it to penetrate deep into concrete and create a tenacious bond for a permanent repair. Restore quickly sets and can be ground within 30 minutes to repair worn, spalled and cracked concrete.

Basic Use: Restore is commonly used to patch small or deep spalls, pop-outs, to reconstruct damaged joint walls, and to fill joints and cracks in concrete. Restore can also be used for hairline cracks and nail holes, to prepare concrete floors for coatings, overlayments or cement based toppings and for mechanical polishing.

Features and Benefits

  • Low viscosity, self priming
  • Rapidly repairs cracks and shallow spalls
  • Ideal for quick turnaround
  • Does not become brittle over time like epoxy
  • Can be used neat or mixed with selective aggregates
  • High impact and wear resistance
  • Works in cold applications below zero F.

Installing L&M Restore


Restore is a two component, fast setting hybrid resin which is packaged in 10 gallon, 2-gallon kits, and in 20 ounce (600ml) dual cartridges with static mixing nozzle. May be installed with sand aggregate or neat (without aggregate). One gallon of material when combined with 2 gallons of sand (volume) makes 500 cubic inches of mortar. Added to three gallons of sand/pea gravel makes 650 cubic inches. For cracks, 100 linear feet at 1/4 wide and 2 deep per gallon is a good estimate. Standard color, medium gray. Other colors available upon request.

Technical Data

Mix ratio by volume (neat) A:B1:1
Solids Volume100%
ColorMedium Gray
Pot Life3-4 min
Tack Free10 min
Open to traffic15 min
Compressive Strength5000+ psi
Viscosity10 cps
VOC mixed0.0 g/L


Cracks and spalls should be free of any loose contaminants or any material that will impede bond with the concrete. Concrete should be dry. Use diamond wheel or twisted wire wheel brush to prep these areas. Material is mixed at a one-to-one neat ratio, part A with part B. Pot life of neat material is about 3-4 minutes. If hand mixing, mix only small quantities. One quart of mixed material is a recommended starting amount depending upon conditions. Can be used neat (without aggregate) for small and shallow repair.

Two parts liquid (1A:1B) can be added to 2 to 4 parts sand. The amount of sand depends upon its fineness (fine sand less). For deep repair pea gravel can be added up to 2 parts. When doing a repair, keep the batch wet (not dry/stiff) so that it is self priming. You can always sprinkle sand over the repair if it puddles. The material will raise slightly above grade if there is moisture, smooth to grade level.

For Best Results:

  • RESTORE should not be used in cracks or joints where further structural movement of the concrete is expected.
  • Use only dry aggregate.
  • Moisture will cause repair to swell.
  • Allow to cure about 30 minutes, then grind/polish the surface.
  • May discolor upon continued exposure to UV light.

November 12, 2013