PermaGuard SPS™

High Gloss, Stain Protection System for decorative and high performance concrete floors

Product Description

PERMAGUARD SPS is the answer to the common floor staining problems of concrete, stone, marble and terrazzo surfaces due to spillage and penetration of varied common contaminants found in grocery complexes, school cafeterias and restaurants.

PERMAGUARD SPS is a low odor, VOC compliant, topical sealer consisting of low molecular emulsified cross-linking, coupling polymers that effectively protect concrete and other natural stone floor surfaces from the damaging effects of staining, defacing and deterioration due to contaminant penetration. This protection extends to bare concrete floor surfaces that have been treated with chemical densifiers such as L&M SEAL HARD and on floors that have been ground and polished using L&Mís FGS PermaShine Polished Concrete System.

Floors treated with PERMAGUARD SPS are easier to clean and keep clean. It develops a long lasting high gloss finish that improves light reflectance and eliminates the need for floor waxes, polishes and conventional epoxy based coatings. The intensity of the colored and dyed floors will be enhanced with the application of PERMAGUARD SPS. Maintenance is simple, with the regular use of L&Mís FGS CONCRETE CONDITIONER.

Basic Use: PERMAGUARD SPS protects bare concrete and other surfaces from contaminant penetration and effectively resists oil, water, wine and other liquid penetration in warehouses, grocery stores, restaurants, school service cafeterias, wine shops, rest rooms and display rooms with polished decorative concrete. Other typical applications include vehicle repair facilities, machine shops, bus terminals, concrete pavers and natural stone surfaces.

Features and Benefits

  • Excellent repellency protection from fluids (wines, vinegar, fruit juices and organic acids) and will also protect surface gloss from deteriorating.
  • Excellent oil and grease repellency to resist staining and improve aesthetics.
  • Quickly opens to traffic
  • Non-slip performance.
  • Exceptional scuff and scratch resistant
  • Enhances stained and colored concrete
  • Compatible with floors previously treated with chemical hardeners and densifiers.
  • Minimizes UV attack on dyed concrete surfaces

August 6, 2013