Quartz Mineral Aggregate, Dry Shake Surface Hardener with Flatness Enhancer

Product Description

QUARTZPLATE FF is a ready-mixed, scientifically graded, 98% pure quartz silica aggregate, dry shake hardener. It has been specifically engineered for early application to concrete floors that are designed to conform to a specific floor flatness designation as outlined in ACI 117 and ASTME-1155.

QUARTZPLATE FF can be applied over freshly placed concrete of a single course concrete floor or over the freshly placed concrete topping of a bonded two course concrete floor system. The thickness of the bonded overlay must comply wi th the requi rement s of ACI 302. QUARTZPLATE FF has been formulated to allow application by a single pass of a material spreader of up to 1 lb./ft² (5 kg/m²).

Basic Use: QUARTZPLATE FF offers rust-free and stain-free, durable performance in factories, warehouses, distribution centers, jails, prisons, aisles and turnarounds, commercial buildings and areas where a designated flatness is specified.

Features and Benefits

  • 98% hard silica aggregate.
  • Virtually dust free surface.
  • Ability to be broadcast onto a highly plastic slab to achieve a flat or superflat concrete floor.
  • Scientifically graded aggregate and proprietary admixtures allow this product to be easily finished, resulting in a less labor and time intensive product.
  • Surface is more than four times greater abrasion resistant than high strength concrete.
  • Denser surface to reduce maintenance and reduce contaminant, grease and oil penetration.
  • Available in Natural, Light Reflective and nine attractive colors.

Short Spec

033000: Mineral Aggregate Reinforced Concrete Floor. Natural Quartz Aggregate ready-mixed with portland cement, minimum 1.0 lbs/sq.ft. (5 kg/m ). Colors 1.5 lbs/sq.ft.( 7 kg/m ) color selected by designer. "QUARTZPLATE FF" by L&M Construction Chemicals, Inc.

May 2, 2008