Cardel Recreation Center

Calgary, Alberta

entrance to fitness centre

The Cardel Recreational Center is a large multi-function family activity center featuring just about every wet or dry sport one could possibly fit under one roof. It is also the first City of Calgary LEED Gold Accredited building. Dennis O'Byrne, Operations Manager for the Center, said, "My new FGS®/PermaShine®floor has lived up to all our expectations. I'm also happy with the integral terra cotta stain in certain areas. It really adds to the overall beauty and functionality of the facility!"

pedestrian ramp

commons area

FGS®/PermaShine® was installed in all hallways, pedestrian ramps and commons gathering areas in the Center. To keep this new FGS floor looking good every day, O'Byrne uses a medium-sized, walk-behind wet floor scrubber using a mild solution of FGS Conditioner. He continued, "I believe the FGS process is a good system. It has performed very well for us over the past 18 months. Even when the floor becomes wet from some of the activities, it retains its non-slip qualities."

Cardel Recreation Center

Nature of business:
Recreational Sports and Work-Out Facility

Floor responsibility:
Dennis O'Byrne, Operations Manager

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Approx. sq. ft.:
40,000 out of 190,000 total bldg.

FGS Installer:
ABS Concrete Systems, Ltd.
Airdrie, Alberta, Canada

Installer Contact:
Michael and Luke McLeod

L&M's FGS/PermaShine system is a licensed, patented, dry concrete floor polishing and rejuvenation system. It is available exclusively through L&M Construction Chemicals, Inc. and its selected network of applicators.

For more information on the FGS/PermaShine concrete floor rejuvenation system, contact L&M Construction Chemicals at 800-362-3331 or visit their website at