L&M's Epogrout 758 Supports Huge Arches In New Dallas Cowboys Stadium

They say that the biggest things always come from Texas! It may be true with the new Dallas Cowboys stadium. When completed, it will be the largest stadium in the NFL. The new stadium is scheduled for completion in June, 2009.

Things have never looked more exciting for the local citizens, fans, and building industry in the Dallas metroplex. This stadium will be the nucleus of a 135-acre mega complex that, along with the new stadium, will eventually include a mix of 900,000 sq. ft. of retail, 150,000 sq. ft. of office space, as well as residential, hotel and entertainment venues. The Dallas Arts District is also set to expand its offerings for theater, dance and performing arts in a new $275-million project in the same general area.

L&M Construction Chemicals played an important role in the building of this magnificent stadium through the selection of its high performance, epoxy-based grout, EPOGROUT 758, to support the super-sized twin arches of the stadium.

To support the immense weight of the roof, four enormous spread footer pads were poured with about 60-70 feet below grade and approximately 40 feet showing above. These concrete support elements were formed with a 72o angled top surface which provides a firm foundation for the steel beams. Between this 40- foot high concrete footer and the steel from the main span arches, the high strength properties of EPOGROUT 758 came into play by supporting the load of the arched roof supports.

The main roof span arches are the “keystone” architectural signature of the stadium's master designer, HKS of Dallas. Engineering spec's called for an epoxy-based grout formulated to meet the demanding project requirements which included precision-grade, flowable placement properties and 7-day cure compressive strength properties of up to 14,000 psi or greater. L&M's EPOGROUT 758 satisfied the demands of the project.

You can track the day-by-day progress of this remarkable project via live webcam at http://www.ci.arlington.tx.us.

For more information about L&M's high performance grouts or other concrete treatment products, visit www.lmcc.com. To reach the L&M regional sales manager in the Dallas area, call Mike Tucker, at 214-415-6170.

Project Statistics

Dallas Cowboys Stadium; Arlington, Texas


Project: Dallas Cowboy Football Stadium
Project Type: Sports Stadium
Location: Arlington, Texas USA
General Contractor: Manhattan Construction, Dallas, Texas
Architect: HKS, Dallas, Texas
Structural Engineer: Walter P Moore & Assoc, Dallas, TX
Concrete Contractor: TXI Operations, LP, Dallas, Texas
Consulting Architect: Cooper Robertson & Partners, New York, NY
Contractor: Bencor Corporation of America, Dallas, TX
Contractor (steel): Desert Steel, Irving, Texas
General Contractor: 31 Construction, Dallas, Texas
Grouting/Millwrights: Derr Steel Erectors & GroutTech, Inc, Hurst, TX


Site Size: 135 Acres
Total Sq. Footage: 2.3 million
Project Est. Completion Date: June, 2009
Fixed Seating: 80,000 people
Total Capacity: 100,000 people
Total yds. Concrete: 200,000 cu. yds.
Total Reinforce. Steel: 21,000 tons
Size Moveable Roof: 661,000 sq. ft.
Ea. Mechanized Roof Panel: 63,000 sq. ft.
Ea. (2) Arched Roof Supports: 1224.5 ft. long x17 ft x 35ft
Max. Roof Height: 292 ft.
Arched Truss Weight (ea.): 3,255 tons
Video Score Board Size: 20,000 sq. ft.
Grouts Used On Arch Footers: L&M EPOGROUT 758
Total Epogrout 758 Used: 440 Cubic Feet (880 units)


Epogrout 758

EPOGROUT 758 is a precision, flowable, epoxy-based grout that produces high performance strength and chemical inertness.

EPOGROUT 758 is scientifically formulated with a high aggregate to resin ratio to provide high strength while allowing easy flowable placement. EPOGROUT 758 contains a carefully selected combination of epoxy resins and aggregate fillers which provides beneficial physical properties such as, resistance to chemical and physical degradation, resistance to creep, and excellent adhesion to both steel and concrete. EPOGROUT 758's 100% epoxy resin base provides alignment that is precise and permanent for equipment and large baseplates. EPOGROUT 758 is unaffected by oils, water, most chemicals, and develops rapid strength gain to allow quick return of vital equipment to service.

Features and Benefits

  • Flowable for easy placement.
  • Very low peak exotherm.
  • Fast cure and high early strength.
  • Low creep/high modulus of elasticity.
  • Fast turnaround projects.
  • High compressive strength.