The challenge: Install hundreds of highly-specialized aviation taxiway lights to the newly-remodeled Dallas Forth Worth Airport. Work under strict FAA guidelines for an open/active international airport while only being able to work limited hours each night, under poor light and no running water! Work with strict measurements, anti-leak, anti-short requirements of the cast aluminum lighting "pots". The finished job demands high wearability and extra-long lifespan. The FAA specs demands 100% performance: No leaks-No failures on each and every light!

-Jim Vlcek

What can go wrong? Mike Taylor, Sales Representative for L&M in Dallas mentioned, "Even with some of the expensive, 2-part epoxies out there... All it takes is one mistake, one failure or one leaking lighting pot and the replacement cost can go ballistic. The contractor has no room for error on a job like this!" He continued by saying: "Because of mistakes made in the past by other airports, I made sure we all put our heads together to solve this problem once and for all. We all become a little more sensitive when we hear of someone else's job going wrong... especially after a series of airport light "pot" "failures" due to underperforming products which were used on other taxiway lights requiring expensive re-do."

Voila! ... Enter Durapatch Highway and the team from S&J Electric, contractors who accepted the challenge and commitment to step up to the plate and make all this happen. Tommy Brown, S&J Supervisor for the DFW job recently said: "We learned our lesson years ago on previous DFW projects not to use anything but Durapatch Highway!" He added, "We had to repair and re-do some of the older lights which were patched with a competitor's product. We could see that they had developed shrinkage cracks and had leaked, letting in water from the top of the tarmac, and failed. This created a nightmare for the airport and turned out to be a costly mistake in using the wrong product for the job. Because of this costly education, we now won't use anything but L&M's Durapatch Highway!"

S&J and project engineer, Shirley Roberts of Aviation Alliance, Inc., found that Durapatch Highway mixed with L&M's acrylic admixture, Everbond, does the trick, performing absolutely the same time-after-time! Durapatch Highway is a cement-based, rapid setting patching system that provides quick, high-strength, non-shrink and excellent bonding qualities to all kinds of different conduits, mounting collars, lighting pots and leak-proof covers. It can be placed in either a flowable or no-slump consistency. As a multi-purpose patching compound, with the addition of Everbond, Durapatch Highway provides greater flexural and sheer bond strengths than most competitive patching materials... and can quickly withstand vehicular (in this case 80,000 lb. aircraft) traffic within one hour after placement. Tests prove there's no need to purchase expensive 2-part epoxy products. Proven effective every time... Durapatch Highway is a more economical alternative!

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