Greenhouse Mall Furniture

San Antonio, Texas

"FGS/Permashine polished concrete looks great to the customer and complements our type of merchandise!"

Greenhouse Mall Furniture in San Antonio, Texas was looking for a unique atmosphere to display their fine line of stylish outdoor furniture. They knew carpet or tile wouldn't work. The constant vacuuming of astro-turf style carpeting also wasn't the answer. Epoxy coatings would scratch and scuff under the constant moving of wrought iron furniture.

John Gormley, president of Stone Care of Texas, convinced the owners of the long-term savings and short-term, low-care maintenance benefits of FGS. When Gormley ran the numbers for the owners, he convinced them of the sensible solution of a polished and sealed FGS/Permashine floor. More importantly, Greenhouse Mall wanted the "outdoor look" of concrete, only much nicer.

Rick Blasius, General Manager for Greenhouse Mall Furniture, said, "I have managed other stores before coming to Greenhouse Mall. I've dealt with tile, epoxy, carpet and wood. Frankly, I got tired of the maintenance.

"Nothing to me looks as nice and is as low maintenance as our FGS floor. I've also noticed other retailers, a lot of big grocery chains and even restaurants around San Antonio going to this kind of floor. It just makes good sense. Many of them use a stained and polished concrete."

Stone Care of Texas
(Left to right) Daniel Gutierrez, Tony Gaglio, and Zach O'Toole, part of Stone Care of Texas' staff of 17 concrete and stone professionals at job site of TTI Industries, Ft. Worth, Texas.

Blasius added, "We clean our FGS floor every day with a dry dust mop, and two times a week with a wet mop and water with a special conditioner. This cleaning regimen seems to work well for us, using a minimum of labor—and the floor always shines.

"The type of outdoor furniture we sell here is a nice mix of medium and high-end lines at great prices. A lot of the tables and chairs are wrought iron and we constantly drag them around the showroom with no damage to the floor. I also like the durability factor. I'm told that the liquid hardener (FGS Hardener Plus) they applied after the grinding process makes the floor much harder than raw concrete.

"The FGS polished concrete looks great to the customer and complements our type of merchandise well. I would recommend this process to anyone!"

L&M's FGS PermaShine system is a licensed, patented, dry concrete floor polishing and rejuvenation system that is available exclusively through L&M Construction Chemicals, Inc and its selected network of applicators. For more information on the FGS PermaShine concrete floor rejuvenation system contact L&M Construction Chemicals at 800-362-3331 or visit the L&M/FGS website at

Our floor specialists can explain the unique features and benefits of this exciting option, which makes your new or old concrete floors look better than new.

Company: Greenhouse Mall Furniture
Concrete Contractor: Unknown. Rehab of existing concrete floor
Nature of business: Retail outdoor furniture
Floor responsibility: Rick Blasius, General Manager
Store location: San Antonio, TX
Approx. sq. ft. FGS: 10,000
Applicator: Stone Care & Maintenance,
San Antonio, TX