What do you get when you add L&M's "Premier" grout to Coreslab's innovative interlocking parking deck structures?

You get one helluva strong parking deck system, that's what.

The Arizona Department of Administration and Arizona Department of Health Services decided to make good use of the available space left after recent renovation in the state government complex. They decided to use Coreslab's unique precast, interlocking parking deck system. Integral to this system is L&M's "Premier" non-shrink grout.

Unique to this innovative design is the incredible strength it produces merely by stacking the individual modules under their own weight. The "key" though, is the final "lock" by using L&M's Premier Grout, placed at each strategic stress point throughout the structure. Premier Grout is placed carefully into each locking void to trim and hold the entire structure together. The unique characteristics of Premier enable the contractor to quickly finish each beam and wall with precise accuracy and alignment.

Simple by design, but incredibly strong, the Coreslab System was the parking deck design of choice of architect, Leo A. Daly, Tramell Crow and Contractor Joe E. Woods. L&M is proud that Premier Grout is part of the Coreslab system.

For more information, you can contact L&M Sales Representative, Ray Hinesely at or call L&M, 800-362-3331.