Value Center Market

Madison Hts., Michigan

Value Center Market is just one of the ever-growing list of retail food stores around the country deciding to replace the traditional high-maintenance vinyl tile floors with the new FGS PermaShine Polished Concrete Floor System.

"I've had stores with vinyl tile in the past. To keep them looking sharp was a maintenance nightmare," said Value Center Market owner Ron Farida. "I can really appreciate the fact that this no-wax FGS floor is such low maintenance. All we do is dry-dust during the day and wet scrub the floor every night with a walk-behind scrubber. With a little effort the floor looks, and stays looking, absolutely great!"

Value Center Market decided to add visual appeal to their new FGS floor by having the contractor add a colored, shake-on hardener in certain areas to provide a visual separation for shopper traffic. Farida also had the installer cut decorative control joints at 48" angled intervals and had them filled and trimmed with a color coordinated joint and crack filler. Farida said, "I just love my new floor... everything is perfect! I'm also planning to do the FGS PermaShine floor to another store this year and yet another store in 2007."

At the date of this Concrete News printing, Surface Dimensions of Michigan has recently completed another Value Center Market FGS PermaShine application in the Detroit, Michigan area.

To learn more about the benefits of the FGS PermaShine floor system, contact certified FGS installer, Dave Woods, at 708-032-1097, or contact the corporate office of L&M Construction Chemicals and talk to any of their trained floor specialists at 800-362-3331.

Value Center Market

Nature of business:
Retail Food Store

Floor responsibility:
Ron Farida, Owner

Madison Hts., Michigan

Approx. sq. ft.:

FGS Installer:
Surface Dimensions of Michigan
Detroit, Michigan

Installer Contact:
Surface Dimensions of Michigan
Detroit, Michigan

Colored Shake On Hardener

FGS/PermaShine Hardener Plus

Age of Concrete:
3 Years

L&M's FGS/PermaShine system is a licensed, patented, dry concrete floor polishing and rejuvenation system. It is available exclusively through L&M Construction Chemicals, Inc. and its selected network of applicators.

For more information on the FGS/PermaShine concrete floor rejuvenation system, contact L&M Construction Chemicals at 800-362-3331 or visit their website at

Our floor specialists can explain the unique features and benefits of this exciting option, which makes your new or old concrete floors look better than new.