A VertexRSI 34-meter antenna


Jim Vlcek, Editor, Concrete News
Mike Taylor, L&M Technical Representative

VERTEX-RSI, A division of TriPoint Global Communications, Inc. recently completed erecting a massive 34 meter, high performance, fixed installation, communication antenna using L&M Precision Grouts. This 112-foot diameter dish weighs approximately 700,000 lbs, and is installed on top of a 14-foot diameter concrete tower. The space between the concrete base tower and the dish's base mounting plates is filled with L&M Premier precision, non-shrink grout. This immense structure was designed and built to withstand winds up to 125 MPH. "Considering the weight of almost -million pounds, a high wind can generate an unbelievable amount of stress and load on the structure."....Rodney Havins, Vertex-RSI Senior Buyer recently commented. "Our guys in the field really like L&M Premier and Crystex...they wouldn't use anything else!"

This antenna was built in Kilgore, Texas and shipped to an overseas site. Upon arrival to the job site, the antenna was fully assembled, erected and leveled on top of a concrete tower-base. After the initial installation was completed, a 3-inch thick base of L&M grout was poured between the base plate of the antenna and the top of the concrete foundation tower. The L&M family of precision grouts give VERTEX-RSI the flowability and work time to effectively place the grout in even the most severe climates. The grout supports the antenna on the tower providing an ample safety factor which assures the accuracy of the antenna to transmit and receive clear signals for years to come.

Vertex-RSI boasts an extensive customer list spanning the globe. Many of their clients use VERTEX-RSI communications systems as part of their country's communication infrastructure, thus, their sales and installations take them to the farthest outposts and in some of the cruelest environments imaginable. VERTEX-RSI has used both L&M Crystex and Premier Precision Non-Shrink Grouts for over 10 years in most of their larger installations.

Vertex-RSI technicians inspecting L&M grout installation

A unique company with a unique product and service
The heart of the VERTEX-RSI 55-acre manufacturing campus is located outside of Dallas in Kilgore, Texas. Operating out of over 261,000 square feet of space, Vertex manufactures and installs communication and navigational transmission and receiving equipment worldwide. The VERTEX-RSI mission is to become the premier satellite communications earth station products and services supplier in the world.

VERTEX-RSI has been in business for over 27 years and specializes in fixed and mobile satellite communication gateways, antennas, high power amplifiers, broadband multiplexers/switching platforms, frequency converters, and controls....as well as offering design, engineering, integration, installation, and commissioning services.

L&M is proud to be the preferred supplier of precision grouts for this recognized leader in advanced VERTEX-RSI communications technology for satellite, terrestrial and wireless products and services. VERTEX-RSI literally has clients and customers located on every continent in the world. On some projects, the engineers and installers at VERTEX-RSI favor the unique long placement time feature in the flowable, L&M Crystex grout because they know it will perform exactly to spec....every time and anywhere in the world! It makes no difference whether the installation is in the Antarctic...the middle east...the tropics...or at military installations around the world... virtually anywhere it can be shipped.

In countries with millions of people relying on the quality of workmanship from VERTEX-RSI to transmit and receive their communications, the quality and consistency of the grout and placement play an important factor in the overall performance of the VERTEX-RSI products and reputation. It's interesting to know that these installations have to be leveled and aligned to micrometer tolerances of less than two-thousandths of an inch. With these kinds of precision tolerances and a massive structure, VERTEX-RSI continues to rely on L&M's precision grouts to play an important part in the consistency and quality of every one of their installations. "When millions-of-dollars and your entire reputation is at stake...you don't settle for just ANY grout." said Rodney Havins.

Strong relationships
Everyone at L&M is proud and honored to play a small but significant role in the incredible success of VERTEX-RSI. Satellite and wireless communications technologies are advancing at a geometric rate. Our new generation needs a wider range of communications solutions and the highest quality equipment and services to handle the new high-speed communications requirements. VERTEX-RSI has been on the cutting-edge of this industry since 1973 with a commitment to servicing their clients...and delivering a quality product, year-after-year. Their parent company, TriPoint Global guide the VERTEX-RSI leadership to be a global supplier of satellite and wireless video, voice and data products and services. Greg Schwietz, President of L&M said recently..."Whether it's helping a $250-million company like TriPoint Global/VERTEX achieve it's precision grout placement success or being intimately involved in many of the world's largest grout projects for other huge companies, L&M will remain committed to a high level of quality, consistency, availability of product and technical help." He continued by saying: "We're passionate about customer service and we're proud to be a partner in each and every one of their jobs! We don't believe in just selling products and printing the instructions on the bag and just hoping people never call us back! The L&M difference is that we'll be there when and where you need us....anywhere in the world!"

We'll be there when you need help
Just like VERTEX-RSI's many years of service, L&M boasts over 40 years of listening to customers, with innovative products for their industries, delivering quality products and consistent results year after year. Wherever concrete jobs take our customers, the Engineers, Chemists, Sales Representatives, Distributors and Principals at L&M are always available to help you get the most out of our products. Technical help is always only a call away.