We have a beautiful brick paver driveway, walkway and patio. How do we protect it and not change the colors nor make it slippery?


This is an important question. Your information let me know the bricks your contractor used were "interlocking pavers" and are not furnace produced bricks, instead they are cast from cement and sand under immense pressure.

The way I suggest, to protect your investment in your paver pavement, is L&M Aquapel or Aquapel Plus. Aquapel and Aquapel Plus are colorless or clear and will not change the color of your pavers.

You are very intelligent to avoid a treatment, which could cause the pavers to become slippery. Aquapel and Aquapel Plus soak down into the pavers and protect from within, Aquapel and Aquapel Plus do not make a surface more slippery.

You can apply Aquapel or Aquapel Plus with a sprinkler can and a sturdy push broom, the result will be a long lasting and protected system for your pavers.