We are cast in place concrete contractor. Our clients like our work because the concrete we cast comes out tight in appearance, but we are always trying to do better. How should we reduce our surface voids or "bug holes?"


There are many means and methods your crews can become expert in doing, careful placing of concrete in controlled lifts, minimizing the "free fall" of the concrete and of course, expert consolidation of concrete between the forms. The next thing you can do for your crews is provide them with a high performance chemical form release agent. The high performance form release agents are totally fuel or in layman's language "diesel fuel" free. The form release agents your crews need are very low odor and function by reacting with the lime water released from the concrete.

The released water, out of the concrete, is part of the "bug hole" forming problem. A premium form release agent allows the water droplets to rise up and out of the formed face region, fuel form oils do not.

We suggest your company try DEBOND FC by L&M Construction Chemicals, Inc. and continue your quality approach to cast concrete.