We are trying to justify coating and rehabilitating the existing concrete floors to a very budget sensitive client, any thing you can share with us to promote nice looking floors?


Attractive well maintained floors speak volumes about your client to the prospective customers he brings into his facility. In the case a business has a dependency on making a good first impression, attractive floors, beautifully maintained always make a great first impression. The beauty of the floor will provide the impression his company has pride in all the things they do.

Nice looking coated floors also, send a message to your clients employees, a good message. The employees can see a commitment to cleanliness and safety with beautifully sealed floors. Coated and sealed floors are less expensive to maintain and keep clean, this should appeal to your client.

L&M has concrete repair and coating products to make an old floor appear new and a new floor appear beautiful. You are giving good advice to your client, when you ask him to repair and coat his floors.