Is there a way to color my concrete in a permanent way and not spend the money for colored concrete mixed in a concrete truck?


Yes, there is a way to color your fresh concrete without buying pigmented or colored concrete. The coloring process begins by placing high quality, fresh concrete on a prepared subgrade and casting on a colored powder to completely cover the surface of the gray concrete. There are many ways to cast the powder upon the fresh concrete. Some of the ways are as simple as casting the powder on the surface through gloved hand and fingers. Some ways are as elaborate as a Scotts style bar spreader. The normal application of the color powder to the fresh concrete surface is two pounds per square foot. The process is normal to apply one and one-third pounds of the powder in the first application.

This application of powder is allowed to dwell on the fresh concrete surface until the concrete's internal water wicks up and wets the dry color powder. A rough finish is applied to this first application of the color powder. Be careful not to break through to the gray concrete underneath the colored powder.

Apply the second application to the rough finished surface by casting on the remaining one-third of the colored powder. Allow the second application to dwell on the surface and absorb the rising water from the fresh concrete.

Once the total amount of colored powder has been applied to the surface, and the powder has become wet from the concrete's internal, you are ready to finish (use finishing tools) your custom colored concrete.

Your concrete will be beautiful and very custom in appearance. The colored powder I am referring to is L&M Quartzplate FF. The custom sealer for the color powder called Quartzplate is L&M Lumiseal Plus.