We are having a very large driveway poured on our property and the contractor said we could save some money if we sealed it our selves. Does this sound like a good way to save money?


I am going to take the contractor at his word and say yes, you can save yourself money by sealing the concrete. I am going to say consider sealing the concrete with our L&M Lumiseal, once the contractor has finished all his work.

Now, to the more important fact, I am going to ask you to pin your contractor down about one thing. The curing of the concrete. Curing of the concrete is his job, and should not be confused with the sealing of the concrete at a later date.

The durability of your concrete surface will be greatly affected by the curing process. You can go so far as to request the same curing compound as used upon state paving projects. Normally this would be a white liquid applied at 200 square feet per gallon and in essence, paints your concrete a solid white color. You want to be sure it is totally covered, you do not want "hit and miss" areas.