We own a nationwide automobile tire store and one of our selling points is sparkling clean floors in our display area and in our service bays. We recently had a waste oil receptacle tip over and spread out a nasty black used oil spill on our spotless concrete floor, what can we do to clean this floor?


I am sorry about your spill. I admire places of business that take pride in their property's appearance. In this case I recommend the use of our CITREX liquid concrete cleaner and degreaser. Barricade the area and flood the area with the CITREX. Broom the CITREX with a stiff bristle broom. Allow the solution to sit for 30 minutes, but not dry out. After the 30 minutes, spread oil dry granules upon the combined CITREX and oil solution and allow the liquid to absorb into the oil dry. Sweep up the oil dry and examine the floor for cleanliness. Repeat this process until your oil spill floor looks as clean as before.

CITREX gives off a pleasant orange fragrance and is easy to work with, always wear goggles and protective gloves when working with any cleaner.