We have a concrete block wall with a northern exposure, we have insulated and finished the inside and enjoy the improved looks and warmth the insulation and wallboard provide. We have observed the outside of the wall stays wet or damp for days after a rain or snow melt. Can we improve water resistance of the out side face of our wall? We suspect the water will create problems over time.


I am glad you phrased your question in such a helpful manner. You made it easy for me to answer. The concrete block surface exposed to the water from rain and snow melt will become a problem. Historically, the water will find a way to get to your finished surfaces.

I would like to recommend our Hydroblock as a clear, liquid applied treatment to the exposed face of the block. Hydroblock is easy to apply and is odor free. The concrete block wall will repel the water in the future versus letting it soak in and ruin your finished spaces.