How do we get oil spots off of our driveway? We hired a painter to paint the walls in our finished walk out basement. His van leaked black oil on our driveway. We called him back and asked him to clean it off. He hired a company to clean the concrete and their truck leaked more oil on the driveway. We asked them to stop cleaning our driveway and decided to clean it ourselves. What should we do?


First: Hold back some of the money from the arrangement you made with the painter. I suspect you already thought of that!

Second: I am going to recommend our CITREX cleaner to remove the oil stains from your concrete. The process to try in my opinion, is scrape off any of the surface oil with a paddle scrapper. Next, sprinkle on Citrex liquid to cover the entire oil spot. Ring the spot with oil dry to avoid spreading the oil stain. Let the Citrex dwell on the oil stain, for at least one hour.

Third: Soak up the Citrex and the oil stain with a mound of oil dry and let it dwell about 30 minutes. Sweep and scoop up the oil dry particles and examine the concrete's surface. There may be a "shadow" of the original stain. Ring that area with fresh oil dry and pond the remaining stain with more Citrex, allow it to dwell for 30 minutes, repeat the mounding of oil dry upon the most recent application and let it soak up the Citrex and oil stain. Sweep and scoop up the used oil dry.

The surface should be nearly clean. You can repeat the process right away, or wait for the sun to evaporate some of the remaining "shadow." The Citrex and oil dry system is low effort and not destructive to your concrete. When the budget allows, seal your driveway with our Lumiseal Plus WB, it will resist initial oil penetration.