My neighbor was trying to be helpful and assisted our daughter in changing the oil out of her ancient "hand me down" car. The oil catch pan was as old as the hand me down car and we have a huge, dark oil spot on our nice clean driveway. What can we do?


The oil spot is probably very dark and if the oil was hot, the stain went into the pores of the concrete. The first thing to do is to scrape the surface free of the oily membrane from the oil stain. The importance of this step is to eliminate any future spreading of the oil stain, during the clean up operation.

The second thing to do is supply your clean up operation with some L&M CITREX and some soft absorbent rags and a bag of expanded clay oil dry.

Surround the stain with a "dike" of the oil absorbent granules and pour CITREX on top of the stain. Cover the CITREX with more oil absorbent granules and allow the mixture to sit under a sheet of plastic. The plastic is to retard the otherwise, quick evaporation of the CITREX formula.

Allow the mixture to dwell on the surface of the concrete for 24 hours, in case of rain, remove mixture and wait for a rain free period. Once the mixture has dried and the surface cleaned of the dry mixture, examine the stain and if needed, repeat the process until the stain is removed. The soft rags are used to wipe up the mixture or wipe up any overspill of the mixture. Wear protective gloves and eye protection, follow all local codes for working with solvents and cleaners in the out of doors. Dispose of the oil absorbent granules properly.