We had a beautiful exposed rock driveway and patio area poured at our home and the first year it was shiny and we could see all the colors of the rocks and it repelled water. Now it is dull and the water soaks in sometimes. What do we do to get the shine and water protection back?


I really like exposed rock or in concrete terms, exposed aggregate pavement. It is beautiful and there seems to be a new beauty just waiting to be discovered every time the pavement is resealed.

The product to restore your shine and the shine upon your brick edging is our Lumiseal Plus. Lumiseal Plus is a pure acrylic liquid, membrane sealer and will not darken or yellow in sunlight.

But first, the surface of your drive and patio must be degreased and clean before the Lumiseal Plus can be applied, our degreaser and cleaner is named CITREX. CITREX is an orange peel product, it is a liquid degreaser and can be diluted into water.

Once the surfaces are clean and dry, you are ready to apply the Lumiseal Plus liquid and start enjoying your beautiful drive and patio, again.