We have heard and do not know if it is true, is form oil coming under regulation, we use diesel fuel and we do not know if we can continue to use it?


On September 11, 1998, the EPA issued a final ruling which established a national standard for products used in building and architecture. The ruling is officially found in Vol. 63, Number 176 as Rules and Regulations, page 48848-48887. The title coming closest to describing the treatment you are using on your forms is called "Form Release Compounds."

The way the ruling reads, a product is limited to how much Volatile Organic Compound the product produces as measured in grams per liter of product. "Form Release Compounds" are limited to 450 grams of VOCs per liter. Diesel fuel gives off approximately 725 grams per liter. The Diesel fuel treatment is not compliant with the EPA ruling.

There is a risk of fines and penalties if your crew continues to use Diesel Fuel as a form oil.

Your crew can switch to L&M's Debond Form Coating and be in immediate compliance with the EPA's ruling. In my opinion, your crew should stop using diesel fuel to oil the forms and not take the chance of being fined or penalized.

Debond Form Coating can be used upon the forms your crew is using the diesel fuel on now, the change over should be immediate and easy for your crews.