Our rail car unloading track is owned and maintained by our tank farm corporation. We are in the gulf coast of the US and our rail yard is flooded by cloudbursts of rain. We used to have our rails near ground level on a layer of ballast. This proved to be a series of low laying dams following the downpours. We elevated the rails on mounds of cement grout and allowed the water to drain freely away. The problem is, our pedestals of grout are crushing under the tank car traffic. We do not want to bed on the ballast again, what can we do?


You did the right thing in getting the storm water handled away from your property. The "mounds" of cement grout cannot resist the dynamic loading and unloading applied by the rolling stock you have in your tank farm. The free span of the rail that allows the storm water to move across your property is also culprit in your grout "mound" destruction. The unsupported section of the rail is working like a lever against the structure of the "mounds." The dynamic energy will need to be resisted by an organic grout or an epoxy grout. Contact us and we can discuss the details further. Your system of allowing the storm water to pass under the spanned rails is too good to abandon. We can make the whole system a success by regrouting with a product like our L&M Epogrout 758.