We have a bridge division in our construction company. We need a product to prevent the rapid crusting and drying of the high strength concrete mixes we use to cast the bridge decks and the approaches to the bridge. What do you have?


We have a monomolecular film product called E-CON. E-CON is not a cure. It is a liquid and the liquid is mixed with clean water. The ratio of the mixture is one part of E-CON to 9 parts of water. This dilution ratio allows your crew to haul a small amount of product to the project and dilute it to a much larger volume for their use on site.

Your question contained a lot of detail concerning flyash and silica fume in the mixtures your crew works with on the bridge decks. The silica fume is difficult to finish and leads early plastic surface cracking. one process to control this surface plastic surface cracking is to suspend water fog nozzles over the slab or deck. This is very difficult to do. The next best thing is to spray E-CON upon the fresh concrete surface. Your crew can finish right over E-CON and E-CON can be reapplied repeatedly as the surface needs subsequent protection from rapid drying and crusting.

E-CON is unique because the formula is composed of water loving molecules that attach themselves to the damp surface of the concrete and water hating molecules that are repelled by the dampness of the surface of the concrete. This causes the E-CON product to produce a protective shield over the surface of the fresh concrete. This protective shield is effective for about an hour at a time and needs to be reapplied to benefit from its continued protection. The E-CON shield can be tooled over and finished over and not disturb its protection. E-CON has a bright marker color to reveal the areas treated with E-CON to the finishers and as the color lessens, more E-CON can be applied.

Always cure concrete once the finishing of the surface has been completed, E-CON is to be used prior to curing. E-CON can be used upon the concrete approaches your crew installs leading up to the bridges.