We have an expansion adjoining our existing plant. The floor in the existing plant was treated with iron shavings and cement. We can see the iron shavings on the worn parts of the floor. Our existing plant managers told we cannot use it in the new adjoining floor, too much dust from the iron and cement shavings. We have to treat our new floor. What can we do?


Contact your project engineer and discuss this situation with him. The information you are about to see is to be used in combination with the meeting with your project engineer.

L&M Seal Hard is a liquid applied hardener and is totally dust free. Seal Hard is not an iron hardener and it contains no cement dust. Your plant engineers may have very legitimate reasons for a no dust process.

The construction activities will not be altered. The concrete can be placed as planned and the concrete floor can be finished as specified. The Seal Hard liquid can be placed upon the finished floor in as soon as the floor is three days old or older. There is no odor associated with Seal Hard and absolutely no dust. The Seal Hard treated floor will resist dusting and wear. The color is clear. I hope this works out for you.