Our neighbors have a stucco house. They have never painted it. The color of the stucco was white. They had the white stucco walls sprayed with a rain repellent liquid. Now they have a yellow color house. What happened to their house?

We have a nice stucco house, too. We want to seal it and now we are afraid. Do you have something to help us?


I am sad to say your neighbor's house may have been treated with an ultra violet sensitive silicone. The yellowing comes from degradation of the product in sunlight. The yellow color will soon darken to brown. I hope they remember the name of the installer. They may need to ask the installer to help them with this situation.

You can seal your own stucco house with confidence and no yellowing with our L&M Hydropel WB. This odor free liquid is easy to install and will not yellow or darken in sunlight.