I have a concrete driveway that is approximately 12 years old. It has some cracks running across it but I have also noticed it is getting rougher?..more porous? I don't know how to explain it but it looks like it will start to crumble a little in spots. Can I put a sealer on the driveway and prevent further breakdown of the concrete? And is this something a female can do on her own? Any information would be greatly appreciated.


I am going to answer your questions but maybe not in the order you asked them.

Heck Yes! This is something a female can do. I have three sons and two daughters, the daughters are as capable as anybody. I will admit they are more capable when it comes to manipulating me, but that may be a gift.

You have given me three things to address. The cracks will need to be caulked. Do not spend a lot of money on the caulk. Home Depot or Lowe's may have a selection for you. Ask for a caulking pamphlet to guide your work.

The spalling or surface degrading has my intense focus. This is a bad thing and leads to the surface failing and revealing the stones beneath. There is a chance we can stall the inevitable, I would treat the surface with repeat applications of L&M Fluohard. Following that, I would seal the treated surface with L&M Aquapel.

The Fluohard is to densifey and reduce the porosity of the now soft surface, the Aquapel is to saltproof it.

You'll have to act fast! Winter is coming and winter is bad for porous concrete.