Occasionally, we are called to repair spalled and scaling concrete on either new or old concrete placements. We've tried mixing our own repair material, mostly “moose milk” (acrylic latex) with Portland cement and fine sand and have had some success, but not always. We are looking for a more reliable way to repair eroded surfaces in concrete work. Call backs are eating up our profits. Any suggestions?


This is a very common need and the answer is a product named DURACRETE. This product was a long time in development, because everyone knows that a “half fast” repair failure causes more dissatisfaction than the original complaint.

L&M's DURACRETE is a single component, dry polymer-reinforced, cement based patching and re-surfacing mortar. This product has been formulated to repair, slope or level, and to resurface structurally sound interior or exterior concrete surfaces that are pitted, worn, spalled or scaled. In addition, this product can be “sculpted” to repair vertical and horizontal concrete members, curbs, and deep voids.

The secret to DURACRETE's performance is twofold:

First: Duracrete is “strength matched” to normal concrete. With over 45 years of experience, L&M has found that patching materials which more closely match their compressive strength to the strength of the concrete substrate adhere better and last longer. In other words, high compressive strength repair materials are generally not better.

Second: Duracrete contains a technologically advanced, dried polymer, reinforcing and bonding component. At the same time, DURACRETE reduces waste, simplifies installation, and ensures outstanding freeze-thaw durability in colder climates. This particular polymer is key to your search. Once this product is properly bonded to the base concrete, it stays there.

Picture in your mind a scaled driveway surface. The DURACRETE repair approach would be to power-wash the entire driveway with a high-pressure water blaster and selectively apply L&M CITREX de-greaser liquid to any oil stains. Allow the standing water to dissipate, yet maintain a damp surface. Fill in all prepared spalls, voids, and scaled areas with a stiff, mortar-like consistency of DURACRETE. Allow to harden for an hour or so.

After setting for a few hours, broom a thick coat of semi-self-leveling DURACRETE, prepared to a slurry consistency, similar to thick buttermilk over the entire area. At this time, your crew can broom, trowel, or even texture the surface with stamping or geometric shapes. Application thickness can range from very thin to many inches thick.

DURACRETE is available in a standard portland cement gray color or in white, which comes job-site ready to accept pigment. Re-build curbs or smooth out dips in gutters with L&M DURACRETE. Your crew will soon become masters at repair with DURACRETE.

Your “call back” will turn into a nice encounter for your company and the property owner at the same time. Please call your L&M representative for more details on L&M DURACRETE and its almost unlimited repair uses.

Thanks for asking!

Byron D. Hanson ASTM, CDT,
Lead Technical Back-up,
Professional Field Representative
Civil Engineering Technician
L&M Construction Chemicals, Inc.