Durafloor TGA, a decorative, exposed aggregate polishable wear topping

Durafloor TGA is a rapid-setting, decorative polishable wear topping for concrete surfaces. It combines the durability of concrete with color and decorative aggregate to produce a high-performance floor with enduring beauty.

Use wherever you want an attractive, exposed aggregate, colored concrete floor, such as commercial lobbies, institutional floors, shopping centers, schools, theaters, and restaurants.


How to install LiON Hard & Petrotex.

This video shows you how to install LiON Hard, a lithium silicate concrete hardener densifier, and Petrotex, an oil and water repellent for concrete surfaces.


L&M Restore. A fast-setting, 2 component resin for patching and repairing concrete.

This video is about L&M Restore, a fast setting, low odor, two-component advanced polymer resin designed for patching and repairing concrete. L&M Restore's very thin consistency and high bonding properties allow it to penetrate deep into concrete and create a tenacious bond for a permanent repair.


Intro to L&Ms concrete curing and sealing compounds, evaporation control, and Debond concrete form release

This video is an introduction to L&Ms curing and sealing compounds, E-Con evaporation control, and Debond concrete form release.


Intro to L&Ms structural grouts, hardener densifiers, and FGS PermaShine Polished Concrete

This video is an introduction to L&Ms structural grouts, hardener identifiers, and FGS PermaShine polished concrete.


Intro to L&Ms dry shake floor hardeners, joint protection, crack repair, polishable overlays, water repellents and surface protection

Intro to L&Ms dry shake floor hardeners, concrete joint protection and crack repair, polishable overlay wear toppings, water repellents and surface protection.


Installing Aquapel, a salt and water repellent

AQUAPEL is a new generation, 100% reactive, waterborne silane-siloxane water repellent sealer. This clear, penetrating, breathable water repellent is ideal for use on interior and exterior, above grade, traffic bearing concrete. AQUAPEL penetrates concrete surfaces and chemically bonds directly with the substrate which results in a surface that is highly resistant to the attacks of both moisture and salt.


EmeryTop 400 Installation at Brevard County Samo Transfer Station

Join Alejandro Luna from L&M Construction Chemicals and Corner Stone Construction Services, Inc. as they install Emerytop 400 at Brevard County's Sarno Transfer Station in Melbourne, Florida.


EmeryTop 400: The Worlds Toughest Floor

Protect your floor against abrasion, impact, and chemicals. EmeryTop 400, emery topping for concrete floors, is designed specifically for waste transfer station tipping floors, multiple resource facilities, recycling centers, and other industrial floors.


How to Install EmeryTop 400

EmeryTop 400, is the most abrasion, impact, and chemical resistant, high-strength floor topping available. This "How To" video shows how EmeryTop 400 was installed at the Caterpillar training facility near Peoria, Illinois in May of 2011.


How to install Vivid Dye. A Concrete Dye for fgs Permashine polished concrete floors.

This video shows you how to install Vivid Dye, a concrete dye for fgs PermaShine polished concrete floors. Vivid Dye colors polished concrete floors a variety of colors, with custom colors available. The dye comes packaged in a dry powder and is mixed and placed on-site by the FGS-approved polished concrete contractor.


Seal Hard Australia

"Seal Hard" is L&M Construction Chemicals' most recognized product worldwide. Welcome to Seal Hard Australia, the sole supplier of L&M products in Australia & New Zealand. Based in Omaha, Nebraska, L&M is renowned (29 Countries) for concrete densifying products. For Seal Hard Australia information contact: Seal Hard Australia, 60 Centenary Place, Logan Village, QLD, 4207 / For more info on Seal Hard go to:


How to polish Durafloor HP Part 2 using LiON Hard, Vivid Dye, and Lumiseal FX

This video is a case study about polishing Durafloor HP, a polishable overlay and wear topping by L&M Construction Chemicals. In this video, you will learn how to polish Durafloor HP, including the L&M construction chemicals used: LiON Hard, Vivid Dye, and Lumiseal FX.


How to install Durafloor HP Part 1, installation, surface prep, mixing, and pouring the polishable overlay

This video is about installing Durafloor HP, a polishable overlay and wear topping. This video covers surface preparation, mixing, and pouring Durafloor HP.